Mother of Mine

Mother of mine

Other name: Sesangeseo Jeilchakhan Naeddal, My Daughter Who is the Prettiest in the World, My Daughter is the Kindest, My Daughter is the Prettiest in the World, My Prettiest Daughter In The World, 세상에서 제일 예쁜 내 딸
Category: Korea Drama 2019
Genre(s): Friendship, Business, Romance, Life, Family, Melodrama
Release: Mar 23, 2019 – Sep 8, 2019 Runtime: Saturday & Sunday Night 19:55
Episode(s): 100 Country: Korea
Language: Korean Subtitle: English


The drama conveys a message about the low fertility rate, divorce rate, and the problems of the younger generation who are avoiding marriage.

But despite all the hardships, she does everything possible for the future of her children, so that they do not repeat her fate, and sends everyone to study at the university.
Mi Sun is busy working and taking care of her family. Second daughter Mi Ri cares about her mother a lot. She is confident in herself and good at her job. Mi Ri gets involved in a romantic relationship with her co-worker Tae Joo. He is the youngest son of the family that owns the company.